About Us

Argeson was established in November 2009 in Istanbul as a manufacturer company, which is specialized in the production of electro-mechanical components used in white goods and electrical home appliances. Argeson's production and corporate structure are based on an industrial experience of more than 15 years of its co-founders and leading employees.

While international market is dictating a continuous development for the best quality, as Argeson, our policy is meeting the needs of international market by developing the fastest customer-oriented solutions and optimal price/quality ratio, and being one of the best known and most wanted global companies in market.

Argeson is not only carrying out its production due to the international quality standards but also with flexibility shaped by the needs and expectations of its customers. As Argeson, we have a R&D based cooperative solution policy that brings us to a pro-active position beyond traditional commercial understanding regarding to B2B relationships.

Despite its youngness, Argeson has a wide range of products and is continuing to expand its product range with its innovative motivations arising from its youngness  for a consistent development.

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